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Farine / Minoterie

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Akçaburgaz Mah. 9. Yapı San. Sitesi 3028 Sk. No : 1 / 15
Istanbul - 34522 - Turkey
More than 20 years of experience in correcting flour & bread issues. Serving Milling and Bakery industries in every corner of the world. We offer quality bread improvers based on the needs of each country and region by analyzing the types of bread available on their markets. We have different solutions for the milling activity: natural enzymes, mixes for bread flour, or mixes for industries for pasta, cookies, rusks...
Secteur 52 Nagrin
Ouagadougou - 1124 - Burkina Faso
Nous produisons de la farine de maïs fin pour la consommation des menages. Nous produisons aussons aussi sur commande suivant le besoins spécifique du client.

Farine / Minoterie
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Hedzranawoé Sagboville
03 BP 31506
Lomé - Togo
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