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Matériels et équipements agricoles

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Matériels et équipements agricoles
Cité Benrahmoune
BP 35000
Boumerdès - Algeria
Fabrication, Installation & Vente du Matériel Avicole, Batterie poules pondeuses et chairs, Chaine d'aliments, Système de refroidissement t d'Aération.
Matériels et équipements agricoles
1ère Rue à droite avant la Station routière ou après les rails de Blitta, Imm. AMAH
Agbalépédogan - 05 BP 592 Lomé 05
Lomé - Togo
Produits phytosanitaires – Engrais – Equipements agricoles
Matériels et équipements agricoles
Bd Latrille, près de Sococé - Deux-plateaux - SOCOCE
Cocody - 01 BP 398 Abidjan 01
Abidjan - Côte d’Ivoire
Importation et distribution de matériels agricoles et de produits phytos
Wanggeng Agriculture Machine
Matériels et équipements agricoles
Huilongba Jonny
P.O.Box 401335
Chongqing - China
On the contrary of large machines and equipments are for agriculture producing on the plains in mass, there are light and portable machines are for family farms, gardens and greenhouses. They are widely applicated and popular in the areas of hilly or mountainous, Frankly speaking, as well as it would be popular in every family engaging in farming in hilly or mountainous area, or owning private garden. Usually powered by gasoline or diesel with Horse Power from 5 to 8.8 to highlight energy efficient and power optimization of belt or gear transmitted. Furthermore, we privately think that they can be creatively used as a kind of shopping coupon for tractor or heavy agriculture machines such as seeder or harvester who are buying for large farms.
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