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Arusha - Tanzania
Francesca Arsiva
We finished the 7 Day Machame Route to climb the Kilimanjaro with Utmost Expeditions and it was amazing! We saw many other hikers struggling with the hike and some who were forced to turn back due to errors made by other guides, including inadequate English skills, lack of attention to the condition of their clients and even one person who had to turn back due being given incorrect and unnecessary medications by his guide. Leonard on the other hand is a consummate and attentive professional with lots of experience, great English and (just as important) excellent high altitude first aid training. We were checked each day for our blood oxygen levels and general condition. At least one member of our party almost certainly wouldn't have made it to the top without Leonard care and encouragement. I strongly recommend that anyone wanting to summit Mount Kilimanjaro pick their guides with great care and highly recommend this company.
Kaloleni Wageni Street plot No: 6
Arusha - 1596 - Tanzania
Aidan Malic
This trip sure did exceed my expectations. Right from my arrival in Arusha prior to starting the trek, Mr Alex - the coordinator was clear and precise in explaining the itinerary and what to expect. Our two main guides for the duration of the trek, William and King Seleman were brilliant. They have a wealth of knowledge about the mountain, its nature and wildlife. They were approachable and they sure did make the trek more comfortable through their guidance and ‘pole, pole’ technique. The cook and the team of porters were undoubtedly the unsung heroes during the whole trek. They worked so hard with setting up and packing away the campsites. If it weren’t for the porters, the climb would be a lot harder. All in all, my experience on the mountain was incredible. The goal to begin with was to reach Uhuru Peak as a team and that’s exactly what we done. Thank you to all the team at Leken Adventures for the incredible journey.
Amir Fritz
Amazing 6 Days Kilimanjaro Marangu & 5 Days Serengeti & Ngorongoro We a booked 6 days Kilimanjaro Marangu Route and 5 Days Safari to Serengeti & the Ngorogoro crater and we had a wonderful experience trekking and seen the big five and lots of other wild life in their natural habitat. Our team was just great; they knew all the ropes and had great knowledge. The food provided was absolutely delicious, fresh and diverse. Sleeping on huts and the campsites was an unknown but enriching experience- thank you Alex, for convincing us to book that option, but most importantly I felt safe and well taken care of at all times. Thank you Leken Adventure Team
Lappet Faced Safaris Tourisme
1025, Sanawari
Arusha - Tanzania
Alison Peter
I contacted Lappet Faced Safaris at short notice when I had a Uganda trip coming up. I had shopped around various tour providers and most seemed to offer the same places with little real differentiation. I had a quick chat with Lappet Faced Safaris and they put together a package to suit us. What I liked about it was all of the places were very unique and I hadn't come across them during any of my other research. Everything from then on was handled very simply. We had two nights at Into Wild Africa which is probably the best place I've stayed at in my life in serengeti
Francisco Raymond
We were really impressed by the great nature of africa, especially luckily we saw male lions sitting under a tree. All of the accommodations arranged by the tour were much beyond our expectations. The guide was very kind, professional, and trustworthy. The tour team responded to our questions in a timely manner and to the point. Even when our luggage was lost in transit, they helped us and managed to get and send it all the way to our place in safari.
Tranquil journeys Safaris
P.O.Box 12812
Arusha - Tanzania
Owen Slepartas
We have been to many African countries for safaris and stuff but none comes close to our last safari in Tanzania with Tranquil Journeys. We had visited Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi and Botswana and all I can say is they are beautiful and all but pretty much similar. Tanzania offers stunning sceneries and ‘out of this world’ experience. The people are very welcoming, the culture here is unbelievable, we enjoyed learning one too many about the Maasai way of life, their traditions and songs. Our safari experience was better than our imaginations. As a private group, we really love the safari style classic lodges in the Serengeti and Ngorongoro and the food....oh my the food was tasty. Our guide Victor is a nice lad, he is very knowledgeable and keen to teach and show us the big 5 animals (we saw all the big 5 animals including the rhinos at Ngorongoro crater!). I would really recommend Tranquil Journeys and we hope the world heals from the Covid-19 pandemic soon so that we can get back to travelling. Hugs xo
0001 Posta Road, Shaaban Robert St
Dar es Salam - Tanzania
Hellen tracey Charles
Excellent services from Aroyó Safari. Luxury with very good value for African Safari. We traveled with them few months ago and we loved everything about the services to the staff to their facilities. Really top quality operator. Thanks. -Hellen
Njiro Block C1
P.O.Box 2758
Arusha - Tanzania
Abel Kimani
Our safari was amazing. The crew of Alaitol Safari were very knowledgeable, friendly and professional. They thought of and provided for every little detail. The food and the accommodations were incredible. Our group had also beach holiday with this company.
Arusha - Tanzania
Mericia Humphrey
The incredible Burigi Chato National Park This park has many animals that you can spot on the game drive they are far close than in the other national parks I visited in Tanzania. I encountered lots of time spending when in other parks than in Burigi National park! Looking for animals though was not terribly bad but it consumed time during the drive after entering the park.
Stephano Brandez
Woooow Zanzibar If not for Burigi Chato Safaris I wonder how my Zanzibar experience would have been. Because I llearnedabout the Island from a song in Slovenia singing “Beautiful Island in Africa” Burigi Chato Safaris helped me meet Africa and Zanzibar let me talk about Zanzibar's experience with Zanzibar! I booked one of the packages. Everyone was friendly and I enjoyed. I ha itd a budgeted budget thus why I never wanted expensive accommodation and they gave me the options. From the get go to higet-goany was awesome.
Bone Frances
Incredible Safari with Burigi Chato Safaris Co L.T.D I have always wanted to do Serengeti since I was a kid. The movie Lion King inspired me. As I was booking my ticket to Tanzania where Serengeti is I saw an Island named Zanzibar! I as well hooked it up on social media and the entire internet I was excited to know that after Safari I can relax by the beach with clear waters with no perms or any stones. I then found Burigi Chato Safaris which pledged to help me. The chat I had with them was very detailed answering every bit and inch of my questions. I was very informed even before agreeing to book with them (Then eventually it was the reason to why I wanted to book with them) they answered all my questions. I got in the safari car and everything was well planned from the lunch box during the exit day from town to the park to the last day when the managing director Geoffrey met us after our safari.
Brown Jerrard
"AMAZING KILIMANJARO EXPERENCE" There is something amazing that I want to tell everyone here reading this review! I had to write because you have to see it! Doing Kilimanjaro with Burigi Chato Safaris is awesome! I will tell you this: these guys are organized for every trip I did with them they were amazing. From trip planning to its d,elivery the itinerary as planned was amazing! Everything went as planned! I liked the few surprise moments includin-town in town routes to go to a restaurant and a few bars I was given an office car! The Burigi Chato office is friendly I booked online after being recommended by friend therefore, I was a stranger I became easily a friend because they were friendly!
AICC Building ,Ngorongoro Wing 2nd floor, Room 218
P.O. Box: 1436
Arusha - Tanzania
Aurélie Collot
Madame, Monsieur, Nous vous mettons en garde contre l'agence SHIDOLYA à Arusha. Nous sommes partis avec cette agence cet été. Cette agence s'est montrée très malhonnête car elle n'a pas respecté ce qui était convenu et payé : guide non francophone, programme différent, activités supprimées (sans diminution du prix) , prix demandé augmenté sur place... Par la négligence du chauffeur nous avons eu un accident sur place (à ce jour, 8 semaines d'arrêt de travail). Le chauffeur n'a pas du tout été professionnel, il a voulu cacher l'accident. L'agence n'a pas répondu à nos réclamations,disproportionnées selon eux, et n'a accepté aucun dédommagement pour ce séjour catastrophique. Nous pouvons étayer et détailler la situation si vous nous contacter. Cordialement M. Mme Collot