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Weighing scales company in Goma, Kinshasa Congo
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Eagle Weighing Systems presents and delivers state of the art scales as well as traditional scales at the most affordable prices. We understand your needs as a customer and client. We also understand your budget. We do our level best to exceed your expectations in quality, service, design and function. After all It is The Eagle Weighing Systems (Way). These are just some of the many types of scales we carry: digital scales, mini palm sized scales, pocket scales, bathroom scales, weighing scales, weigh scale, specialty scales, balance scales, diet scales, shipping scales, Tanita scales, ohaus scales, counting scales, baby scales, gram scales, portable scales, body fat scales, crane scales, electronic scales, travel scales, floor scales, kitchen scales, wholesale scales, and triple beam scales. Most any type of digital scale you can think of, Eagle Weighing Systems carries. Eagle Weighing Systems can help you find the scale that fits your needs and your budget. If you are tired of the high prices found at other sites for the same product and are looking for an affordable solution. We are located at University Plaza Room A18 Bombo Rd, Wandegeya - Kampala For more details please contact us on ; +256700225423 +256787089315 Or email us at:sales@eagleweighingsystems.com https://eagleweighingsystems.com https://youtu.be/mmrEkKIOMn4 https://youtu.be/BUu4wXzMDGk https://youtube.com/shorts/hSpM2quLTIM?feature=share