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Tabac - Cigarette

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Tabac - Cigarette
Voroneth, Vitruka Street 3B
BP 394000
Moscow - Russie
Greetings from Russian Tobacco Company JUMBO! We took an interest in your company as a reliable partner for the international of collaboration. You may wish to consider our favourable terms of collaboration of Russia and African countries. Please refer to our Offer enclosed. Upon the prior familiarization and agreement, I propose to have a business meeting held in Rabat, the Kingdom of Morocco, on October 9-11, 2017. During the meeting, our company representative will present some products samples. Please provide us with your feedback regarding this offer.


Tabac - Cigarette
Jebel ali free zone
Dubaï - Émirats arabes unis
Notre société a pour objectif de collaborer avec des partenaires fiables en Afrique dans le but de commercialiser nos produits dans le continent.