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Lappet Faced Safaris would like to invite you to experience this tastefully unique and sophisticated Land of Serengeti and ‘Roof of Africa’, Mount Kilimanjaro. Tanzania conjures excitement, which demystifies whole continent of Africa. The landscapes are breathtaking and its beauty is unequal; Mount Kilimanjaro – Africa’s highest mountain, Lake Tanganyika – Africa’s deepest lake, Lake Victoria – the world’s second largest lake and many more sites that will make your safari memorable and something to talk about for years and years after.

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Alison Peter
I contacted Lappet Faced Safaris at short notice when I had a Uganda trip coming up. I had shopped around various tour providers and most seemed to offer the same places with little real differentiation. I had a quick chat with Lappet Faced Safaris and they put together a package to suit us. What I liked about it was all of the places were very unique and I hadn't come across them during any of my other research. Everything from then on was handled very simply. We had two nights at Into Wild Africa which is probably the best place I've stayed at in my life in serengeti
Francisco Raymond
We were really impressed by the great nature of africa, especially luckily we saw male lions sitting under a tree. All of the accommodations arranged by the tour were much beyond our expectations. The guide was very kind, professional, and trustworthy. The tour team responded to our questions in a timely manner and to the point. Even when our luggage was lost in transit, they helped us and managed to get and send it all the way to our place in safari.

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3 notes et 2 avis d'utilisateurs