Produits agricoles
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2 Plateaux, 7ème Tranche
Cocody - 05 BP 212 Abidjan 05
Abidjan - Côte d’Ivoire
We are a trading company based in Africa and whose main activity is the Import-export, Wholesalers International,Representation and General Trade. First, we mainly operate in the sale of ores such as:
- Gold (Au) and raw ingot,
- Copper (Cu),
And secondly, of Tropical products such as Coffee, Cocoa, rubber tree, mahogany, the cashew and other nuts.
Currently we have 1000 tonnes of cashew nuts
Quality: 47/48 and 85 kg of powder Gold at a price of $ 32,000 USD
We also have a bar of gold.
We are looking for potential buyers and regular. If you are not buyer, we offer 1000$ as commission to intermediaries.
Please kindly contact us for all your needs.

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